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Limiting the number of parts required to produce a design saves time, space, confusion, and alleviates jigging concerns.    The upright components of this steel weldment would normally be fabricated from 4 miter cut tubes (8 parts per assembly) which would require a lot of careful alignment and handling of many parts.

Rather than fabricating parts in that way, we machine holes and reliefs for bends which brings the 8 parts down to 2.  Putting a steel tube across a CNC mill also ensures quality of cut squareness, length, and hole position.  Our new bent tube also reduces welding and grinding by 6” (a 25% reduction).

Then, fold it up!

Eat your wheaties.

Eat your wheaties.

When a jig is required for final welding, the laser and brake can make quick work of that.   This jig features easily interchangeable pieces and bolt together construction.

Flipstep Bracket With Jig.png