The phrase, "Whatever we do today is not right for tomorrow," is something that Lean Machine lives by each and every day.  It is always good to look at what you are doing and ask yourself if what you are doing could be improved.  When reviewing the 5S process that is in place at Lean Machine, we wondered if this could be improved for us and possibly even our customers.

Well, today we unveil a new 5S board.  Many customers have purchased 5S boxes from Lean Machine that emulate the boxes in place at many lean manufacturing facilities around the world.  This new board has several advantages:  it takes up less manufacturing space, it is cheaper to manufacture, it is easier to clean, and finally, it can be audited just by walking by it.  The board can also be completely customized to suit each department's needs as seen in the photo of the Lean Machine Engineering board.  Call Lean Machine to get pricing on your next 5S board purchase.