We have been working diligently for the last month on a brand-new project for order processing.  Lean Machine has taken the first step to automate the programming and nesting of your orders.  This new process currently applies specifically to router and laser orders.  The main goal is to increase turn-around time on orders.  Owner Shaun Puff comments on this new achievement:  "On smaller runs there tends to be as much programming time as there is cutting time and we didn't feel it was fair to pass all of those costs on to the customer.  We sat down and did what we do best, which is problem solving.  The result of our brainstorming was a better order process from which we can all benefit."
Programming is the activity that tells the machines what path to take and what tool to use to cut a profile from a sheet of material.

Nesting is the activity in which all of the programmed parts are placed together to try to maximize sheet usage.