There is only one thing better than a Fronius welder and that's a Fronius welder attached to a Motoman Robot.  The newest member of our team is our brand new Yaskawa Motoman robot with a Fronius CMT welder attached to it.  We are now welding components at extremely high speeds; as well, the Motoman Robot welder is consistently able to create a perfect weld bead.   Like most Lean manufacturing projects, the goal is not necessarily to eliminate employees but to change the types of tasks your best people are performing.  In the case of this new robot, owner Zach Kleinsasser says it best: "Any part that we can change to be welded by our robot allows our most experienced welders to work on complex fabricating tasks instead of repetitious parts that the robot can finish quickly and efficiently.  In addition, I can help our employees have longevity in the work force because the repetitious tasks that cause injuries are greatly reduced."  This new equipment will help maintain Lean Machine's reputation of high-quality repeatable parts that are delivered on time.