In order to make room for new equipment and Lean Machine's increasing customer base, a brand new facility has been custom built to Lean Machine's needs.  "The old shop served its purpose, but it was time to make the jump into a new facility," says owner Shaun Puff.  The new facility brings increased efficiency, and many new features are centered around providing Lean Machine's customers with a high-quality product and quick delivery times.  Items such as an electrical bus bar, aluminum air line, and an all-new computer network give maximum flexibility in shop and office set-ups.  "When deciding to move to a new shop, it was also decided to change the way we performed certain tasks.  Instead of taking the usual route with our computer systems and installing a massive server in a dedicated room, we've reduced it to a small corner of an office with almost everything happening online instead of through dedicated hardware," says Shaun.  With no need for valuable real estate taken by computer equipment, Lean Machine is able to lower overhead and maintain maximum shop space within the building.  Even the routing of the gigabit Ethernet cabling was examined for maximum flexibility for future needs and future expansion.  As with most Lean Machine projects, no rocks were left unturned in this project.